Friday, January 13, 2006

"Naming is a Personal Thing"

I got a great deal of suggestions from friends and family and bloggers, but in the end I followed my friend Zach's advice: I just held her and looked in her eyes and the name came to me. My dog is now called Ella Samantha. She has my last name, so I can't tell you what that is, but trust has a nice ring to it. Samantha is in honor of her foster mom who has become my partner in crime against the shady dealings of the foster agency.

She doesn't have any idea that's her name...right now, she responds better to "Come here!" But I'll get her used to it.

Let the adventures begin!


Melissa said...

Beautiful name! Ella is my grandmother's name, but I've always wanted to name my daughter (totally hypothetical child) Ella... after the great Fitzgerald, not my grandmother. Ella Fitzgerald had a voice like audible velvet. Have fun with your new pup!

Quel said...

Ella's a great name. With a middle name like Samantha, I imagine it'll be hard not to call her Sammy.