Saturday, February 04, 2006


Okay...I can't hold it in any longer. I love Ella. Don't worry, I know it's not the same as being in love with a man. But I do...I love her. I already feel that I would do anything for her. I think about her when I'm not with her. I wonder what she's doing, if she's happy. I feel better when she's with me, even if I'm just running errands or posting on my blog.

These last few weeks have been so amazing because I've been in the process of learning about a new creature. Ella definitely has her own personality and as she becomes more comfortable with me, her personality comes through.

I've been hesitant to discuss my new discoveries with friends because I don't want to be one of those people who only talk about their pets or who think that everyone is as interested in my dog as I am. I hate parents who let their child act the fool because they believe everyone covets the child as much as they do. But this is my blog so I'm going to share. For those non-dog lovers, feel free to go to another blog until I post again. Ella and I won't be offended.

Things I'm Learning about Ella

1. She is very smart. She knows all the basic movement commands...sit, stay, lay down, up, etc....and she knows "water," "bone," "goodbye," and "poop."

2. Ella knows how to pose for the camera, but she doesn't like taking pictures. Everytime I try to take a picture of her in action, she stops what she's doing and stands in profile. When I put the camera away, she goes back to what she was doing.

3. She has a sweet tooth...especially for gum. She'll sniff and try and pick up gum on the sidewalk. I know...gross. Once, I actually caught her chewing gum. I stopped and made her open her mouth, but there was nothing there. We started walking and she started chomping again. I looked in her mouth again and found that she hid the gum under her tongue!

4. She likes potato chips a lot.

5. She looks at other dogs like they are aliens. She'll bark first and ask questions later. When we stop and let her interact with the dog in question, she looks at them like they are from another planet.

6. Her right hind leg doesn't like to be bent. When she squats to go to the bathroom, it slowly slides out to the side. It's funny to watch.

7. Ella LOVES to walk....anywhere. We walk for hours and she still wants to keep going. She enjoys exploring new places. She especially likes doorways with stairs. She'll walk up the stairs and sniff the door. When she's satisfied, she'll trot down the stairs and go to the next doorway.

8. When she's happy to see me, she rubs the sides of her face up against my hand. It's like she's giving me a hug.

9. She's not much of a lap dog. She's more of a "by your side" dog. She doesn't like to sit on my lap, she prefers to lay next to me.

10. After Ella goes #2, she sits, lifts her hind legs...think of a frog position...and slides her butt along the ground. But she doesn't tear up like someone I know! Tee hee!

Ahhhhh...I feel much better now. Thank you for reading.


Kelly said...

Ella looks and sounds adorable. Congratulations on you two finding each other.

I have two cats, Bella and Dini, and I know how you feel about loving them so much it hurts.

Ella and my girls are so much more than pets. They are family and I don't mean the annoying family you only tolerate at holidays.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with her.

The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

The poo thing was a little much...but I'm totally with you on the other stuff. Dogs are awesome.

And talk about her all you want, until someone tells you to stop.

SunshineMama said...

When I read this, I cracked up! I thought it was adorable for one, and I can totally relate. I have one dog, Nyeena, but she has so much personality and is so smart it amazes me from day to day. The other reason I thought it was so funny is because so many times with friends I wanna go into my "Nyeena Stories"...but then I'm reminded that it's not as newsworthy for them as it is for me. Maybe someone should start the "doggybloggers" ring, kinda like the Thanks for the laugh.

Miss Fire said...

She's so beautiful! My girl does the butt-dragging thing too. Weird. Are they essentially wiping themselves? I agree with the doggyblogging ring, for those of us with four-legged children.

Miss Fire said...

She's so beautiful! My girl does the butt-dragging thing too. Weird. Are they essentially wiping themselves? I agree with the doggyblogging ring, for those of us with four-legged children.

Melissa said...

I had a cat that "scooted" like that. I took to wiping her behind with baby wipes. I know, neurotic. But when you have an inside pet scooting on the floor - it's super gross. Oh man, the things we do for our furry friends.

Melissa said...

BTW - it looks like Ella has a mohawk in that pic. I love it! She's so cute.