Friday, May 19, 2006

What I Was Going To Say...

...was that part of the reason I was feeling eh had a lot to do with the weather. Now that it's sunny, I'm feeling better. Of course, today it's raining again, so...never mind. I mean, I am feeling better, but it's not sunny.

What I have been slowly learning for the past 18 months or so is that my body is different than it was when I was in my 20s. And no matter what I do, it will not work the same way again. In my 20s, I had no problem exercising, regardless of stressors, diet, amount of sleep. In my 30s, all these components need to be just right if I want to feel motivated. And what's worse, exercise helps put those components in place. Curse the vicious circle!

My metabolism is changing. We all should eat healthily, but now I have to eat healthily if I want to function in the world with any enthusiasm. I can't go out every night without feeling completely run-down by Wednesday. This just didn't happen in my 20s.

There are other changes that have occurred in my 30s as well: I cannot settle for a job when I know that I have a career; my salary requirements have more than doubled since my 20s; I don't feel good anymore when I splurge shop, I feel good when my bills are paid (though this is a newer development); I can create my idea of home, it is not created for me.

I just wish that I could have the ease of living that I had in the 20s...physically, that is...with the knowledge and life stability I have now.

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