Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Sole Birthday Present

My birthday is next month. I am going to be 32 in about 32 days...tee hee! Even though technically I'm closer in age to 30 than to 35, I feel more connected to 35. But I am very glad that I am only 32 because it's like I have three extra years.

The only thing I want for my birthday is this book. Well, that's not true...I want a big fat check to pay off all my debt. But really the only thing I want that someone could theoretically give me is this book. There are very few things that I miss from downgrading my cable. The National Geographic Channel is one of them because now I can't watch "The Dog Whisperer." I'm afraid Ella is suffering for it...although I don't really think she is. So I want to get this book to keep me on my dog training toes.

It's so strange that I all I want is a book. Last year at this time, I wanted/needed all this stuff for my new apartment. But with the purchase of my armchair this spring, my home is complete.


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