Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm "It" Again

I like being tagged by blog memes. Usually they ask questions that make me think. Questions I would have never thought of otherwise. So thank you Kelly, for tagging me.

When did I start blogging and why?
I started blogging first in September 2004. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half (aka Ex), but I was still living with him. I needed a place to metaphorically scream, and isn't that what the internet is for? This blog is actually my second blog. I started this one about a year later, in November 2005. Come to find out that I still had some residual trauma regarding my break-up with Ex. I figured, it helped me out the first time...why not try again? It did help, but after I was over the worst of it I kept writing. And writing. And here I am.

What don't I write about?
I try not to write about work or the people at work, at least not in any specific way. I don't write about friends unless it's in a "my friend and I went somewhere" kind of way. I try to work out my own feelings here, but if it's something that I need to say to a person directly, then I won't broadcast it. I'm working on creating more authentic relationships in my life, and that means saying things to people directly...or keeping my mouth shut until I can. It's very hard to not talk about things here because I feel so intimate with my blog, but I am learning that although posting can be difficult, it can also be the easy way out.

Am I and my blogging persona the same person?

I don't think so. I think my blogging persona is funnier than I am in person. I am also able to articulate my anger and frustration here better than I am in person. My blogging persona is bolder and more assertive than me.

How do I use blogging to build friendships?

I don't at all. That said, this blog has helped me reconnect with old friends and one of my coolest new friends I met through blogging.

How do I describe my blogging style?

I don't have a blogging style. I just write.

Okay, so now Summer and're it.


Melissa said...

Okie dokie, post to follow...

BTW, your real in-person self is actually funnier than your blog self. Your blog self makes me laugh, but your in-person self makes me snort.

Kelly said...

You're very welcome. :) I enjoyed your answers. I can't help but believe that you're just as funny in person as you are on the blog. When I take a trip to New York one of these days, we'll go out for drinks. :)

summer said...

thanks for tagging me, i think. i'm awfully lazy in blogland these days, but i will eke out this post at some point this week.