Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is Jimmy a Big Enough Star to Make an Enemy of Matt?

Matt Damon actually turns bright red. I don't know...I think I would be pissed too.

Make sure you click on the volume button in the lower right hand corner and turn the volume up to hear it.


Melissa said...

Holy hell. Is he serious? Was that real? Uh mah gah.

Kelly said...

I thought that I read somewhere that this is a running gag between the two of them. If it's acting, Matt does pissed off very well.

Maura said...

I haven't even watched the clip yet -- but I have a feeling that it's just part of the show. It would fit with Jimmy Kimmel.

I don't like his show very much. I definitely don't care for his interviews -- but his BITS are great! Great in that they always have me fooled.

The last one that got me: I was convinced that one of the animals from one of those typical Late Show exotic animal segments -- some kind of a snake in this case -- tore out of his tank and bit Jimmy Kimmel.

It looked SO REAL. They stopped the show. Had the EMTs come in. Took him to the hospital.

It was late at night and I was desperately calling my friends to tell them the shocking story.

But it was just a bit.

Danielle said...

I don't think its real. matt Damon would not be so unproffessional as to tell Kimmel off onstage- he is an extremely adept businessman- its obvious just from the intro montage- matt Damon would never agree to come on if that happened already so many times. I agree with Maura.