Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This City is Crazy!

I know that NYC is a zany place. You would think that after almost eight years here, I would be used to it. Alas, you would be wrong. Because just when I think that I've finally acclimated myself to the insanity...I see more that stretches the definition of "crazy." As a matter of fact, just this morning, I saw:
  • The reincarnation of Rhoda from The Bad Seed. This Aryan Nation-looking blond boy was playing in a playground that I pass every day on my walk to work. He saw a pigeon just hobbling along. He proceeded to scare the bird away with an undecipherable "RRARGHHHH!" The pigeon got the hint and was hobbling away...but that wasn't enough for the demon child. He got out of the sandbox and proceeded to chase the pigeon all around the playground, blond locks flying in the wind, screaming the whole time. I see serious anti-social behavior in his future.
  • Someone being moved out of an apartment through his/her window. Why? Because that person was a sufferer of hoarding disorder. In the 5 seconds or so it took me to walk past the window, I saw newspapers piled to the ceiling and a mountain of beer bottles in the corner. There was no open space in the entire apartment. The movers couldn't go in the front door, so they were going in through the street-level window. And they couldn't bring the boxes into the apartment; they were taking the stuff out of the place and packing on the street. As a person who can't deal with kitch on any level, I really can't understand this disorder. All I know is that apartment was a sight to behold.
Remind me next time to keep my head down.


tuckergurl said...

This disorder really exists?

L. Britt said...

Oh yeah! Have you ever heard of the Collyer Brothers? They are some of the most famous sufferers of this disorder. Check out their Wikipedia entry: