Saturday, December 02, 2006

How You Know You're Ready to Own a Movie

I only like buying a DVD when I know I'm going to watch the film over and over. For some, that's easy to those films I've loved since I was a teenager.

However, when I'm wondering if a recent film is worth purchasing, these are things I pay attention to:
  1. When I'm watching the film on television, I get frustrated by the fact there are commercials.
  2. I'm not at all annoyed with the cheesy music that is clearly used to manipulate my emotions.
  3. Mostly everyone is speaking with a British accent.
  4. Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Colin Firth is in it.
  5. Colin is a little silly in it, but in a very tall, sexy way.
  6. Even though I've seen the flick a bunch of times, I still stay up till 3am to watch it again.
  7. I cry at the same spots every time.
  8. All the women are really beautiful, but not in a "feel bad about myself" way.
This all adds up to the conclusion that it's time for me to own Love Actually. It is a Christmas film after all.


Angela said...

This movie is contraversal. I adore it. It is fun and completely cheesy in a way only the Brits can do. I also can not turn it off when it is on. However some people hate this movie and I am kind of shocked by it.

Kelly said...

This is a good choice. I make the same kinds of distinctions about DVDs I choose to own. Right now, the majority are Christmas movies. I just bought the newly restored 1935 version of "A Christmas Carol" with Sir Setmour Hicks. It's pre-Alaistair Sim and Reginald Owen, so it's interesting. I also should be receiving the 60th anniversary edition of the Alaistair Sim version any day now. (Yes, I'm a bit of a collector of "A Christmas Carol". Chalk it up to being in a musical version of it in 7th grade.) :)

I haven't seen "Love Actually" in a while but why would it be controversial? Maybe I need to rent it again.

L. Britt said...

What!?!?! How can you HATE this film? I guess you can not like it, but does it inspire hatred? I would LOVE to hear from people who feel this way. It's a great movie...feel good, but not too simplistic. Why, oh why, do you not like it?

Kelly said...

I know, I don't get the hate. It would be interesting to hear about that.

Melissa said...

Honey, you can have my copy. I've watched it and watched it and watched it. :) I shall bequeath it your care.

The Rover said...

It is tough deciding when to buy a movie. I always agonize - like, will I ever watch it enough to justify the purchase? There are only three things I watch over and over again - my Steelers Championship DVD, Chappelle's Show, and Eternal Sunshine. But I think I may need to add 40 Year Old Virgin to the list.

Love Actually was...actually...a nice movie. A chick flick that had appeal for guys, too.

Vaslav said...

OK, why not wade in...with a contrary opinion! Hate would be too strong, but I disliked this movie, maybe I just don't love British accents or formuleic scripts, but why ask a former film student? It's hard for us to just relax and see the fun in commercial films (as in, made to make the big bucks)unless they are very clever. Imagine yourself watching a Broadway musical and you, as a theater person, will understand. I did however, love the raunchy comeback dude...and Bush-trashing & Alan Richtman is probably worth the price of the DVD.
Yours in Grinchdom. Valsav.
as for controversial, I know some people (not me ) had trouble with Liam Neeson and son's interactions as being sexually inappropriate, at least I remember hearing that at the time.