Monday, January 29, 2007

I Have a Cold

I've been sick all weekend, though on Saturday I denied it long enough to explore a cool area of Brooklyn with Angela. I love this area because it's walking distance from my house...albeit a 20-30 minute walk. But the walk is a very pretty one, so it doesn't feel as long. I'm not going to tell you the name of it because you can tell gentrification is already happening, Angela and I may want to move there, and we want to be able to afford it.

Case in point: Angela and I were sitting in a coffee shop and a bunch of parents and young children enter. The parents were mostly Asian mom, one black dad. However, the kids were a Benetton ad. Two different configurations of biracial children, a black son of white parents, an Asian child of white parents. I'm telling you, it was an after school special! It was wonderful to see all the different colors of children playing, but it was also cliche the way Brooklyn can be sometimes. The neighborhood is definitely cool though.

Now I'm laying in my bed, listening to Ella snore. She always snores when she's dreaming.

The Mormon is going to come by after work and take care of me. Three cheers for The Mormon! Oh yeah...I think I'm going to have to change his name on this blog. I've been talking to friends of mine that actually know Mormons and have described them as crazy...something about special underwear and ceremonies that only certain Mormons can attend. I've never met a Mormon, so for me the name is just ironic. But friends and family have said they have a hard time with the nickname. I'll come up with something new...when I'm feeling better.

How's everybody doing on their resolutions? Me...not so good. I'm still keeping track of my expenses, though I'm way over budget this month. I still brush my teeth and wash my face at night and in the morning. I am getting to work consistently, except when I was revving up for my anxiety attack and didn't know it. The meditation and the running though...not so much. I'm too sick to eat anything, so I'm hoping that I will lose some weight which will inspire me to keep it off once I feel better. I have no excuse for the meditation. No excuse at all. Discipline takes practice. I just have to keep practicing.

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