Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To All the Haters

I am a big fan of the Harry Potter novels and films. They aren't high art or anything, but they are fun, and after six books and five movies, I feel like I know the characters really well.

For a while, I have made discreet comments declaring how hot Daniel Radcliffe is becoming. Yes, I know he isn't even legal, but that doesn't make him any less hot. I would never do anything with my lust, but I thought his blossoming hotness was important to note. Anytime I said anything, I was met with scorn and disapproval. Shame on you! said the judgemental eyes of those around me...he's just a child!

Well, to all those who doubted me...feast your eyes on this! Not only is Daniel starring in a most adult play, he is looking quite...dare I say...hot doing so!

I will start accepting apologies on this post. Thank you.

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