Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Intellectually Elite

That's how I felt this morning. Last night, my WNYC messenger bag arrived in the mail. It was a Thank You Gift for giving them money. It's actually a pretty cool bag. It's comfortable, durable, and has the perfect number of pockets...not too many so that it takes 20 minutes to find your keys, but not too few so that everything is in a jumble at the bottom of the bag.

This morning I transferred everything into it...of course, including my iPod and the most recent New Yorker. So on the train, I had proof that I listen to public radio while I read the literary gold standard of magazines and listened to The Gotan Project. I felt very shi-shi...hilarious!

Anyway, I was reading a short story by Steven Millhauser about a married, middle-class man who takes a vow of silence because words become too oppressive. At first I thought it was boring, but it sucked me in. It made me think of an experience I've had recently.

As the maid of honor, I'm hosting my friend's bridal shower. I made it clear that only the person to whom the invitation was addressed was invited. The shower is in my house and the invite list was already more than 40 people. I received an email from one of the invited stating that she couldn't make it because she couldn't get a babysitter for her two daughters. She went on to explain how all the family members she usually relies on had made other plans. She wanted me to tell my friend that she was so sorry she wouldn't be there. I thanked her for letting me know and asking her who her mother was so I could update my RSVP list. I got a two-word reply with just the name. No floral sentences, not even a salutation. Later that day, I realized that she was passive-aggressively trying to get me to invite her daughters. She made a point of telling me that they were both girls...it's a female-only shower...and told me the specific details of her plight. She didn't say she couldn't get a babysitter...she just couldn't get a free babysitter. Once I realized her curt reply was because I didn't take the bait, I laughed. Passive aggression is funny sometimes.

In other news, I found out yesterday that the decision from George Washington is in the mail. I don't think I will respond the way I did for Harvard, but I am surprisingly nervous.

However, not as nervous as I am by The Mormon's parents coming to visit this weekend! It was a spur of the moment decision...a use-your-miles-or-lose-them kind of thing. I wasn't supposed to meet them until July! I know it will be fine and it will be fun, but this is making me nervous. I really want them to like me!


Melissa said...

Yeah, OK, I'm dumb. That deleted one was me... I put your name in it. DUH!

Anyway, what I said was you should get ready to add 2 more people to the "I love L. Britt... even more in person" list.

It was so much cuter before the deletion. *sigh*

vaslav said...

my dear - funny story! be careful ofthe accoutrements of the elite - I had a much loved waterman pen that I usedto do my puzzles when commuting on Metro North. of course Ieft it there, and sinceit was a present, I couldnever afford to buy myself another one! So much for belonging to hte elite! I'm sure le weekend avec les parents will be fine. Having met the Mormon - come on, the cowpoke at least - and seen you togethr, it is a beautiful thing. They will be pleased.
As to George Washington, please don't rule it out too quickly. I think you were very happy livingin DC as opposed to Boston, something not to take lightly, and you have more friends there. Of course, Harvard is very impressive! And when do you hear from Columbia, etc. And when to you let your job know? inquiring minds on the net want to know!!! I've been fanatasziing that I'm telling my job I'm leaving..a bad sign, ormaybe a goodsign that i should start looking... stay warm -