Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Trash Day...Bring Out the Skunks!

After I got scolded by TM for saying I was bored, I got off my ass and worked on some stuff yesterday. It was good and necessary. However, I think I'm getting sick. Uggghhhh!

Anywhoo, in my effort to be more productive, I am coming up with more thoughts to post. One that I want to share is what happens the night before Trash Day. Before I continue, for seven years I never had to deal with Trash Day because I lived in apartment buildings. I just had to make sure the trash made it to the basement and the porter ensured it got out for the garbage men. Now that I'm back to living in a house, I've become more in tune with the cycle of the garbage! :) Kidding! But I have noticed that there are no rats in Somerville...at least not where I live. Instead, there are skunks. Lots of skunks. Skunks that wander through the neighborhood like cats. I've already seen two strolling down the sidewalk and smelled tens times that much. Especially the night before Trash Day. That's when they really take over. It's made me wonder which yucky animal I prefer. It's also made me hold onto the leash extra tightly when I walk Ella at night.

In other animal news, there is either a woodchuck or a groundhog living under my house. I wish I could be more specific, but as you can see, they look exactly alike. The creature looks just like these animals. I've seen it three times and every time it runs to the same place under the back porch. Crazy!


...groundhog. Can you tell the difference?

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vaslav said...

according to Wiki, groundhogs ARE woodchucks...by another name. Not so skunks: black and white, cute but smelly, french accents.
Hope you're not really getting sick...but you body may be crying out for some down time, boring or not. Pick up some mysteries and bon bons, would be my suggestion, along with herbal tea.
Hope to see you soon - Next year, let's have a big birthday bash for you & do something special.