Thursday, September 13, 2007

How I Know I'm Old

I'm addicted to "The Hills." I know it's edited to make Lauren look like "the responsible one," but I really respect her staying sane in the crazy-ass LA that MTV created. I'm completely invested in the outcome of the whole Heidi-Lauren feud.

These facts don't prove I'm old, however. What does is how incredibly transparent Justin/Bobby is. He is the on-again/off-again boyfriend of Adriana. He's hot, I will give him that...though he needs a haircut in the worst way. But I've met and/or dated that guy. He's the guy that says he doesn't believe in labels, which means he doesn't want to commit but still wants to sleep with you. He says he doesn't listen to other people because he doesn't want you to listen to your friends tell you he's a loser. He says he just listens to his heart when he really just listens to his penis.

He's so transparently a jerkoff. It's obvious to anyone who has lived through their late teens/early 20s. He's so predictable, I wonder why MTV decided to let him on the show.

Also, what's up with the long awkward pauses at the end of each scene? I know that the editors chop the conversations up like stir fry vegetables, but what's up with that? Do the producers tell the "reality stars" to just sit and look at each other awkwardly?


Kelly said...

I know I'm old because I'm totally unaware of this show. =:0

summer said...

I know I'm old because I got so frustrated watching that show a year or so ago for precisely the same type of reason you mentioned (jerk guy/young, ignorant girl), that I can no longer watch. I think it actually may raise my blood pressure.