Friday, October 26, 2007

This Video Makes Me Happy

Mary J. Blige's new album drops next month and I think a good dose of Mary is exactly what I need as mid-terms kick in. This is the video of her first single, "Just Fine." It's her usual, believe-in-yourself, my-life-is-great message, but the song is really fun to listen to. Also, you can tell she's been working out and LOVES her new body. Check it out! 10 points if you spot the ode to Michael Jackson.

Addendum: Sorry to those who clicked on the video and got some other random band after MTV said the video was only available on their website. They are acting like I stole the video when I got the embed code from their site!!! Don't freakin' bait-and-switch me! Anywhoo, this link should bring you directly to the well-dressed, fabulous-wig-wearing Mary herself.

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