Friday, November 16, 2007

A Pretty Big Loophole

Harvard has a lot of trust in its students...

So I just got this email saying that, while in pursuit of my doctorate, I could get my Master's in a comparable program. I'm SO doing that, by the way. Two degrees for the price of one.

Alas, there's the rub. The doctorate program I'm in is fully funded for the first three years, which are the most expensive because those are the ones in which you take classes. For the rest of your program you just pay fees for the health insurance and the right to be called a student. Not only do I not have to drop a dime to take classes...all the books for the course are on reserve, so technically I wouldn't have to pay for books. Though that would be silly. Anywhoo...but I'm getting a housing stipend that covers my half of the rent for the academic year. The Master's program is the opposite of fully funded. Lots of people are taking out lots of loans this year.

So it seems to me that it's in one's best interest to apply to the doctorate program, even if all you want is a Master's. Sure, it's a lot more work and your chances of acceptance is a lot slimmer, but it might be worth it to get a free Master's.

I probably shouldn't say this too loudly, huh?

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