Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I watched the re-premieres of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" last night. I was impressed with how funny they both were on their own, but I got the sense that they were exhausted...and exhausting their material. Jon Stewart was straight-up pissed at everybody. His rant at first sounded like he was attacking the writers for quibbling over downloads from iTunes, equating watching TV on an iPod like getting a sample of cheese. But then he was on the attack toward the networks. He's just pissed; apparently Comedy Central tried to work out a side deal for his and Colbert's show, but the Guild said no. For some reason, I believe that Colbert will last longer than Stewart...maybe because half his show will be spent with the audience giving him a standing ovation.

I do have to say that I really miss Stewart's and Colbert's commentary on this election season. As exciting as this race is, it's not nearly as funny.

With that said, I am SO excited for the New Hampshire primary results tonight. TM and I are going to make popcorn and watch the votes roll in. So exciting!

P.S. Is anyone going to watch the Golden Globes press conference Sunday night? I mean, seriously...a press conference!?! The fact that NBC wouldn't release the broadcast rights so the event could go on without a TV show is bull-headed and pouty. Bad form. So now everyone suffers.

A press conference is the same thing as looking up the winners the next day on the website; it just takes longer. Ah well, I need to study for my stats final anyway. I really want this strike to affect the Oscars. People will stop being so damn stubborn once the Oscars are threatened.

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