Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Media are Idiots!

When you hear the STUPID questions asked by Tim Russert and Brian Williams that are so NOT about the issues, you actually feel sorry for Obama and Clinton.

The difference between Obama and Clinton is that Obama wants to laugh in the reporters' faces and Clinton takes the question seriously.

By the way, "rejecting" something means to dismiss it as inappropriate. "Denouncing" something means to reject it as wrong or evil. So denouncing is actually stronger than rejecting, dummy!


Anonymous said...

Vaslav says
this is why i have such trouble watching the debates...excruciating! Hilary needs to get out before she either becomes laughing stock, and if she goes after those florida/michigan votes I will have to either denounce or reject her as a doofus!

beebs said...

hahahaha- well put woman , well put!