Friday, April 25, 2008

This is going to be a rough weekend

TM moves out this weekend. He has a lot of his stuff packed already. He's going to use the car to save money on moving costs. He also doesn't have a lot of furniture to move, so it should be straight forward.

I've been pretty much a zombie today. I got on campus and broke down in the arms of my friend. I am feeling the break-up all over again...which I knew I would. As I told my friend, TM and I were supposed to travel through our lives together. Wherever he went, I was going to go; and vice versa. That's how I interpreted him moving to Boston with me. It sucks so much that he didn't see it that way...that he's moving out and I'm not going with him.

On the advice of another friend, I'm keeping myself busy this weekend. I'm going to work all day and night today. Tomorrow night, I'm going to a party. Sunday, I plan on working out and going to the library. It probably won't help, but at least I'll get work done.

Did I mention how much this sucks?


DL said...

Yes, yes! Stay busy, keep yourself occupied. You can take the time to mourn later--right now, your job is to get through the weekend without setting yourself up for making it even harder. Give me a call if you want a chat.

Anonymous said...

we are all rooting for you to get through this rough patch! I think you mentioned earlier about taking off the band aid .. no doubt painful, but in the aftermath I believe you will begin to heal. I agree with staying busy, but also be kind to yourself and try to be in touch with what you need. REmember if he thinks he needs independence or whatever, is has nothing to do with the completely wonderful person that you are!

Kelly said...

I'm just catching up after being in Atlanta for a week. L. Britt, so I just read through a few of your recent posts.

I'm so sorry that you're hurting. I'm sending you lots of good, healing energy. From what I've learned about you from your blog, you're a fantastic woman.

Hang in there!

Quel said...

Yeah, that sucks. Sorry you have to deal with that, but it sounds like you're getting good advice...and taking it.

beebs said...

Keep your head up! Things WILL get better. And know that everyone knows how you feel. Good luck girl.