Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

I'm not saying Fox News did the right thing...when do they EVER do the right thing? broadcasting the private comments, but come on, Jesse. You just sound like a hater. You may think Obama was being condescending, but he got a standing ovation after that speech. And you look even worse because you had to pre-apologize for what you said. Tacky, just tacky.

Sour grapes is not a good look.

In other crazy news, I found out last night that Wendy William's memoir is going to be turned into a movie starring...Robin Givens. There are no words.

ADDENDUM: This article from The Root says exactly what I think about the whole Jesse debacle, plus a bunch more. It's really good.

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summer said...

don't you just HEART the Root? I do. I read that same article, and then read it to my sister.