Monday, November 03, 2008

A Great Political Website

This website is a great artistic representation of the last two very political years.

I can't talk about tomorrow; I can barely think about it. I'm so anxious, if I ponder on it for too long, I will freak out. Either way, the decision is going to affect me on such a fundamental level. I'm going to be crying tomorrow night...hard. 

On top of all that, tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with my cardiologist to look at my patent foramen ovale. I recently discovered that I have a slight hole in my heart and it might be the cause of a bunch of stuff I've suffered from for years: my migraines, my syncope, my low blood pressure. Tomorrow I get a more thorough examination and it's decided whether or not I need to have a "procedure."

So on top of the future of this country being decided in a real way, I have to get my heart looked over. What a crazy day it will be!


Bery said...

Hope everything is okay with your health!!!

My husband and I want Barack to win and we don't even live in the United States (we live in the border El Paso, Tx/Juarez, Mx) and if he doesn't win I do not wanna know what will happen. Four years ago we were sitting at a Chili's watching a U.S. map on tv get redder and redder and crying over our vegetables!!! I don't want to experience that again!!! My husband says that unfortunately McCain is going to win but I refuse to believe that!!!


summer said...

hope everything's okay with you, lbritt!!