Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Annoyed with a Boy

I've been on several dates with a guy. Things are going well...slow and well. We started up right before Thanksgiving and we've seen each other on the regular ever since. 

I'm away for the Christmas week...Hilton Head, South Carolina to be exact. My family and I walked along the beach today. I wore sandals. It's freakin' awesome! 

The guy and I saw each other right before I left. It was a very nice time. He said that he looked forward to talking to me while I was away. He actually asked that I contact him while I was away. That made me happy.

So I did. I left him a message yesterday asking him to call me back...nothing. I called him tonight to wish him a Merry Christmas...again nothing.

I'm done calling. And I'm annoyed.

I'm very annoyed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

merry christmas! if you are curious not furious you will find out more about his behavior - a pattern that will warn you off, or some other possibly legit if not very thoughtful reason? Two days of not getting back to you may not seem like a big deal to him, but if it does to you, that shows a possible incompatibility issue.
don't let it keep you from enjoying a much deserved break in the sun! You're the best!