Sunday, January 18, 2009

Patience, L. Britt...Patience

I'm sitting here in my one-bedroom apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The sun has been shining all day and there is not a cloud in the sky. 
And yet...

I haven't left the house all day. I've slept for 12 hours and I'm exhausted. I ate a turkey sandwich because my stomach was cramping but I barely tasted it. 

I want to quit school, I want to quitthis  life...just move someplace else and try to find a job as an administrative assistant or maybe work in retail. But my therapist tells me I'm not supposed to make any major life decisions while I'm in this state. So I'm stuck passing in another final late.

I hate this so much!

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Anonymous said...

Vaslav says: I do not recommend Admin very often sucks! you are great at what you do, and will be again when you are feeling better!!! right now everything looks bad to you, but it is the illness speaking. So you are right, patience, and a little peace, love & understanding for yourself are in order. xxx