Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I think I mentioned in a previous post how my boyfriend and I both have money issues...that is, we are bad with it.

So right now, my boyfriend is going through some times and has to borrow money from me. Him: a working professional with benefits and a 401(k). Me: a grad student whose W-2 said she made $23,000 in 2010.

I'm not upset that I am loaning him money. Because I love him and I want to do whatever I can to support him. But I am upset about something.

One part of me is pissed off. For several reasons:
  1. He doesn't seem to want to change his ways. He's always figured out a way out of no way, so why not enjoy life? At least this is what I perceive. The truth is he feels horrible about asking me for help.
  2. He wasn't honest with me about how far in the hole he was...and how bad the consequences were. I know all of that is about shame, to which I can relate.
  3. His financial life now greatly influences mine. We have plans, but they can't happen if he doesn't change his relationship with finances.
  4. I don't know if he understands of #3.
Then there is the other part of me that says...Who the hell are you to be pissed? Have you not done the exact same thing, perhaps more than once? Stole from Peter to pay Paul? Buried your head in the sand when the bills come? Avoided collection calls?

I want to believe what makes me different from my boyfriend is I am not content with living this way. Living paycheck to paycheck is tired. And honestly, I am too old for that shyt. So, as hard as it is, I am trying to keep track of my expenses. Trying to not eat out just because I'm too tired to cook. Not use Zipcar when a bus will go to the same place.

The thing is, I know he wants to live differently. He is actually not content with living the way he is. We want to change, we don't know how. We are definitely on the same page with that.

So, I am really torn between being mad and feeling guilty...and it upsets me that I'm torn...which then makes me feel guiltier.

But most of all, this whole situation makes me doubt...everything. This is the man I want to spend my life with, but not at the expense of my financial well-being. I may not have made a lot of progress, but I haven't gotten a collection call in years. I've not had any of my services turned off for lack of payment. I refuse to go back to that anxiety in my life.


DL said...

What about if you each meet with a financial planner separately, and then meet to chat about how your respective meetings went? A financial planner should be able to help you figure out goals and help you set up/develop a plan. Plus--if he already has a 401(K), he may have access to a free session with a planner at the facility that manages his 401(K), and so would you if have one, or an IRA, or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Vaslav: hope you don;t mind I am weighing in - rediscovered this blog by accident on my favorites bar...I agree that getting everything out in the open and getting expert advice is key! I know you guys can work it out - and don't forget the little thing called pre-nup that can absolve you personally of responsible for other party's assets/debts. Spoken as witness to friends breakups, etc. And as you know money issues often relate to childhood, so counseling in general in good. I also suck with finances but found someone who veers the other way, causing stability financially, but conflicts personally. Sometimes it is hard to win! Down in the trenches with love...

saiful10 said...

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