Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well, THAT Clearly Didn't Work!

My doctor's recommendation that I stop taking my anti-depressant solely based on me saying I don't think it's working, clearly wasn't a good one. My friend said today that if I had offed myself last night, my parents would have a clear wrongful death suit. Scary!

Luckily, I did indeed wake up this morning...and proceeded to call everyone under the sun. I am getting more of my anti-depressant tomorrow 'cuz even if it's not exactly right, it's clearly better than nothing. I have an initial appointment with the IOP I'm trying to get into on Thursday and I see my therapist tomorrow as well. I also called two friends and one is coming over for dinner tonight. I've also made a back up appointment with a back-up psychiatrist so that if I don't begin the IOP this week, I'm going to see someone, anyone about getting on the right medication.

I wanted to wrap this up with a moral, but I guess the only one I can think of is don't go to a general practitioner to get psychiatric advice...that's not really a moral, it's just common sense.

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