Monday, November 21, 2005

The Whole Blog Thing II

Have you ever wanted to use your blog to get something off your chest in relative anonymity regarding someone close to you, but you are aware that person reads your blog, so you can't? Not use it to bad mouth a person...though I have seen people use blogs for that purpose. Tacky...but, instead, use it to name an elephant in the room of your relationship.

I guess that's what hard copy journals are for.

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Bery said...

Yes, I have had that feeling but then you can't post anything relieving cause there is people who read you, and even when they do not know you in person, they form an idea of you and you just do not want to break it or something like that. That has been happenning to me, that I have needed to get secret things out of my system but can't, so I have been leaving this anonymous comments saying what bothers me, which is not a smart thing to do cause there's statistics so, go figure...

I am gonna shut up now!!