Saturday, February 11, 2006


My good friends know that one of the things I say all the time is: I heard on NPR... I listen to NPR a lot. I even make sure I'm at my desk at four pm every day so I can hear All Things Considered from the very beginning. So how cool did I feel yesterday when I heard a story about satirical movie trailers featuring...Shining! That's the trailer I pointed out a couple of posts ago. I know it's corny of me, but I feel cool that I am aware of something before NPR points it out.

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Melissa said...

It isn't corny at all! In fact, when I heard that story I thought, "Wow, L. Britt is ahead of the times on this one!" Coming from a fellow NPR junkie, that's a compliment of the highest degree.

Ooh, tomorrow there will be a story about fake marriages to obtain French citizenship. That strikes me as pretty funny. Brian Unger just said "Tomorrow is the one day a year that couples are required by law to say to each other, 'Yes, I really do love you. Here, have a card, some chocolates, and let's go eat a steak... in the shape of a heart.'" HAAAA