Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm Off!

Well, this is it. In about an hour, my sister, my friend and I will be in a cab on the way to the airport. You may ask yourself...if L. Britt is supposed to be in a cab in one hour, what is she doing posting on her blog instead of soundly sleeping? Then, I would respond by saying...good question, dear reader! I would then proceed to tell you how this whole day did not go according to plan.

First, I got to work late because my mom and other sister came down to visit the sister that is here from the DR. Then, the day was crazy hectic at work. Then, just when I was about to leave, my boss calls me in to have a meeting about an issue that we had already discussed. Then, I ended up getting home late because I had to run errands. Then, I had to drop Ella off with the friends who are taking care of her, but because I had gotten there an hour late, I couldn't stay more than 10 minutes. Then, I was 45 minutes late to a going away dinner for a friend who is moving back to France while we're in the DR. Then, my friend who's traveling with me didn't have time to pack before the dinner, so we had to go to his house and pack. Then, the subway ride to my house took 90 minutes because it was one in the morning. Then, I started to pack. By the time three thirty in the morning came and went, I stopped rushing because I knew I wasn't going to sleep tonight.

So now I am packed and actually feel confident in my packing job. I have to download the photos in my camera and clear its memory and then, I will be ready to take a shower and wake up everyone else.

I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone. I probably won't post or check comments while I'm away...but I'll take good notes and report back to you. In the meantime, take care of each other and send me funny stories about life in civilization.

You would think that I was leaving for a year the way I'm writing this post! Jeez! I am going to make the days last for as long as who knows?


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