Monday, March 13, 2006

Random Musings

Just some musings that have occurred to me over the weekend.

1. There are very few feelings as warm and fuzzy as meeting a new friend who you know will become a kindred spirit with you. It's better than meeting a new romantic interest, because there is no angst about rejection or not looking sexy in the skirt you picked out to wear. This feeling occurred for me this weekend when I had a two-hour conversation with a woman I have never met. I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt.

2. My sister is visiting me this week and I am finally embracing the fact that she is a woman. I think that with that acceptance has come a deeper love and understanding. That's cool.

3. It is still a bit unreal that I am going to the Dominican Republic in three days. I haven't even thought about packing.

4. I had a first date on Friday. He was cuter than I remember and all we did was hug at the end. It was unlike any date I've ever had. I was flirtatious without being physical, and I paid attention to any red flag that went up. And I still had a great time and he still wants to see me again.

5. I realized that a friend of mine who once was an incredibly close friend also served as my surrogate boyfriend during a very vulnerable time in my life. Because of that odd dynamic, we are no longer as close. I'm proud that I have finally told myself the truth, but it also makes me sad because he is an amazing person and I wish we were still very close.

Grey's Anatomy is officially in my brain. The closing song on last night's episode was Jem's Flying High. Jem's album is always on my nano. I dig those British chicks!


Melissa said...

I'm sensing dog walks and Target runs in our future... *grin*

Crazy good weekend on all fronts. Even the uncomfortable ones. Very mature, indeed.

The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

You're welcome. Both of you. I fully expect you to take me out for a nice meal when I get to the city...

summer said...

Your whole weekend sounds so nice and warm and comforting. Is your sister much younger than you or something and that's why it was hard to see her as a woman? It sucks to lose a great guy friend. Maybe you guys will reconnect one day once the awkwardness is completely gone.

Enjoy your time in the D.R.! That sounds great!

L. Britt said...

Yeah, Summer. My sister turns 21 in a week and I am going to be 32 this there has always been a huge gulf between us. It seems this trip has closed that gap a bit. It's cool. Tell Quel to do her music list. She's been tagged!

summer said...

i told her.. and she's done it already! she beat me!

Danielle said...

look who has a blog! I have much reading to catch up on.