Monday, April 03, 2006

Boys and Girls...Life Lessons for Today

I've learned quite a bit today. I want to share some of it with you.

Brokeback Mountain is officially taking over the world. I saw this ad on the Q train along with The Fagulous Blogger...though not at the same time. I laughed out loud.

2. I have a bad boss. He is an inspirational leader, but an absolutely horrible manager. He yelled at me today because I wasn't being enough of a yes girl. Yup, completely yelled at me and walked away from me as I was talking and said a smart ass comment. I had just sat down at my desk for the day. He came and told me that he had done something that was totally against the rules of our organization. I tried to tell him that and he yelled at me. I was stunned and caught completely off guard. I waited until he had left and my door was shut before I started crying.

As I was crying, I learned that I need to accept that he is a horrible boss and stop trying to give him information to improve. He clearly does not want to accept it and I'm going to get fired if I keep trying. So I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and only share information with people who want it.

3. I learned that for the next few months, I need to buckle down financially. Go cold turkey on pricey social events and get creative with ways to hang out for free. I am dropping over $1500 a month for my mortgage and maintenance through the spring...trying to get back on track...and that is more important than partying.

4. I learned that if I don't start running again, I am not going to look amazing at my ten-year college reunion in May. And since I'm not married nor do I have kids, I need to look amazing. So I'm going to start running again. And I'm actually looking forward to it...I miss running. It only took six months, but my itch is back.


Beebs said...

You do look great! If you want to save $$$$ quit drinking- it will automatically make you creative as to what to do with your friends. Also I madea large vat of soup and have been bring some to work- it will help you lose weight and keep your wallet fat.

Third- the fagulous blog is hilarious!
Finally- I totally have a dickhead boss who instead of yelling at people- he ingnores you and makes you feel insignificant! Don't bother worrying about him.
But you really do look great- you just ran a marathon!

Melissa said...

I did a marathon in 2001 and since then I've dropped into terrible shape. As in, I'm not in shape. I decided yesterday that I'm going to start running again, too... must be in the water.

Perhaps a little jog on Sunday might be in order. I'll warn you - I'm slow.

Melissa said...

I forgot - I saw that same subway ad today. On the F I believe. I laughed out loud. People stared. I couldn't have cared less. The guy in it reminds me of Santino Rice from Project Runway.

maura said...


I was in the best shape of my life when I was an avid runner (err...jogger).

Then I got a personal trainer who pushed me to do weights. With my limited amount of gym time -- I devoted it to his weight-training program and stopped the running.

Then, he dumped me. (He just stopped showing up!) And now, I don't do anything!

That will of today! Well -- maybe not today -- but TOMORROW!

Run to good health!