Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Rehabilitating Dogs, Training People"

It's official...I heart "The Dog Whisperer." I know that I officially love this show because when it's on I have to watch it, even when I have someplace to go and I battle myself to move away from the TV. It serves as a great resource for me in learning how to interact with Ella.

The only problem is that now Cesar is starting to wax philosophical about the human condition. He actually told an African-American woman who was insecure about her pug, "BE a strong a black woman! Remember Rosa Parks!" Today, Cesar said to the Executive Vice President of the LA Lakers...who is a woman, "I'm from a Third World country...he's from I have seen women being pushed to the sidelines," and "I want to see a woman rule the world before I die."

He's sort of turning into a Dr. Phil with a Mexican accent. It's kind of funny.


tuckergurl said...

I just do not get it. Maybe it is because I do not have a dog. That is possible.

maura said...

I only watched him once...for a few minutes -- but in that short moment, I was glad to take his words away with me.

Dogs like to walk in a pack. They love the excercise, and that's what they do instinctually. He went on to discuss how this excercise helps one deal with a particularly unruly doggie.

My dog's great, so I don't worry about him. He's also a tiny little dachsund, so we were slipping on the long walks with him. Thinking it unnecessary.

BUT -- thanks to the Dog Whisperer -- I'm certain to take him on longer journeys -- and, I must say, he just adores them. His tail goes wild and jumps about excitedly, as soon as I motion for the leash with a halter. (For shorter walks, I don't bother with the halter.)

Tuckergurl: GET A DOG! Share our joy!