Wednesday, April 19, 2006

...Never The Bride

Angela called me last night and she caught me up on her life and work and stuff.

Then she asked about me...I couldn't really come up with anything. My life is actually pretty boring. Work is stressful because it's the time of year when my job should be stressful. Ella is fine...I washed her and gave her a whack-ass haircut this week. I'm broke again, but at least my mortgage is paid for this month. Nothing too exciting at all is going on.

But then I remembered that I got the most wonderful request this week. My oldest friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I was thrilled to be asked not just because she is my oldest friend and all that, but because she didn't want any wedding party at all. Her motto for this wedding is "Easy." She's not going to get least 150 people are going to be invited...but it's nice to dream. She is slowly realizing this and thought I would be the best person to help.

Of course I said yes right away. I was thrilled to be asked. Now that the fact I'm going to be dropping some serious money and making a year long commitment to create this wedding is settling in, I'm surprised that I'm still excited. I figured that being a part of a wedding would drive the "YOU'RE STILL SINGLE" spike even deeper...and maybe it will. But I'm actually just really happy for my friend and glad I get to be a part of making her day special.

I do have good person moments...who knew?

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The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

I've got weird wedding feelings right now too - but, as my lil' bro reminded me, there are lots of single people at weddings. Watch Wedding Crashers - I'm sure that you can apply their lessons to guys.