Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shitty Day...Almost

It's about balance, right? That's my mantra. Today was horr-eee-blay. It was so bad that there was crappy news waiting for me when I got home. It wasn't even confined to work.


My friend Melissa cheered me up with an all-around, general purpose saying. I thought about typing the saying here, but it doesn't read as funny as it sounds. Trust me though, I laughed a lot.

A REALLY cute guy checked out my Friendster page. I figured I had nothing to lose so I sent him a smile the way you can do on that site...and he emailed me back!

A dude with whom I indirectly work and have been lightly flirting was making eyes at me over the conference table during our bi-monthly meeting.

I discovered tonight that I am in need of legal advice, so I emailed one of my lawyer-friends. She is someone with whom I haven't spoken in months. She emailed me right back, told me she'd be glad to help and offered to meet me this weekend.

A co-worker said today that I'm really good at my job and called me a "goddess" for dealing with a huge crisis.

There is new life in the world today...and the life of someone I know has been changed forever because of it.


Quel said...

I doesn't sound like an altogether bad day.

Being called a "goddess" for any reason has to make any day, right?

keep your head up.

Kelly said...

I hope that the good outweighs the bad. Like Quel said, being called a goddess is pretty damn good! ;)

L. Britt said...

Thanks y'all. The fact that all those good things happened to me yesterday and it was still a crappy day says a lot. I cried, was yelled at, was threatened, was threatened by an attorney...and then came home to discover that I'm going to court next week to fight for my dog.

Kelly said...

Oh, wow. That's a lot! You have to go to court about Ella?! No! She is your dog.

I'm sending you lots of love about that situation and all the others.