Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not a Good Night

First, the movie I've been dying to see is sold out. My friend and I settle for another, but I drop a very large amount of soda on the floor because the old school theatre has cup holders that don't hold the cups. Luckily, I really love the second choice film.

Then, I forget to call my little sister on her twelfth birthday. I remember at 11pm and when I do call her, I find out that she got sick that day...threw up and everything. I promise to call her tomorrow. Luckily, she's more mature than me in many ways and doesn't get hung up on things like when you call. Just as long as you call at some point.

Then, I go to a party that I've been looking forward to all week. I want to shake my groove thang they way that I usually do at this guy's parties. But for some reason, everyone is just drinking and standing around. No one is dancing. We leave early. Luckily, two rounds of drinks are purchased by an old friend, so I spent hardly any money.

Then, somehow, I leave my wallet AND my cell phone in the cab. I still don't know how it happened because I paid the cabbie.
Luckily, I took all the cash out of my wallet before I lost it and my debit card links to a checking account that has no money in it.

I feel so stupid right now that I want to cry. I can't even call my bank because my cell phone is gone and I don't have a land line. I tried to report my cell phone stolen, but Cingular's website is down because they are doing maintenance. I've done all I can in terms of contacting people online, but I'm feeling so stupid and bad I'm just going to go to sleep.

If anyone wants to reach me, they will have to email me.
Luckily, I have uninterrupted Internet access.

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Kelly said...

I'm so sorry about this, L. Britt. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts. Hang in there.