Sunday, April 09, 2006

Karma is a Bitch

What is it about ignorance that makes us what to fight it, no matter what?

K Lance drew me into a very heated and ugly discussion about affirmative action on another blog. It has lasted for days. Every time I went to the blogger's site, I told myself it would be last time...and everytime I wrote another comment. But now Miss Fire has gotten personal in her attacks, criticizing me for having and expecting respect. So now I am really done. Because I don't know this bitch and she is making me feel bad. So I am done. Karma is a bitch and I'm sure it will come back to haunt her.

Karma is a bitch in a good way, too. The cabbie that took me home last night stopped by my building today. He wanted to return my wallet. I missed him because my intercom is broken. Luckily, I had told the super about my predicament earlier that day, so he took the message for me.

I believe the one of the reasons the cabbie came back was because I engaged him in a conversation about the stop lights on Nostrand Ave. We commiserated about the traffic, I found out that he goes to Kingsborough Community College and lives in Brooklyn as well. The few minutes of conversation made me stick out in his mind and he went through the trouble of returning my property. My phone is gone, but at least I don't have to worry about replacing all the stuff in my wallet.

Yeah, karma!


Kelly said...

I'm sorry about the nasty blog discussion but I'm so happy about your wallet. I agree that your conversation with the cabbie did play a part in the return of your wallet. You put out interest and human kindness and it was returned to you. Talk about instant karma!

tuckergurl said...

Congrats on your wallet!!! You gotta watch out for the blog arguments. They can go on and on and you look up and realize that you don't even know this person and who really cares what they think. I've read some of the back and forth and she just seems miserable.

Melissa said...

YAY FOR CABBIES! What fabulous news! You've obviously been putting out some majorly great vibes lately. Kelly's right - it was totally the convo you struck up with him. I always talk to cabbies. I figure they have to get loads of crap all day/night from schmucks so I might as well be friendly. Plus, I've learned some cool stuff from cab drivers (swear words in foreign languages are my favorite) and most have great stories to tell.

The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

Thanks for sticking up for me/us. Sorry that it turned into such a shitstorm. Glad that you got the wallet back, though - awesome that the cabbie stepped up to the plate.

THIS is why you should always be nice to people!

L. Britt said...

Tuckergurl...once again coming through with the sage advice. Another way the blogsphere is weird and amorphous. You have this illusion that you are really getting to know someone, so when they have an offensive point of view, you take it more personally than you would if, say, some talking head on TV were spouting it.

I will be more cautious from now on. Words to live by...thanks Tuckergurl.

r.d. said...

I love it. Oh and good job walking away from the random blogger. Sometimes people are just looking for a fight. Whatever.

Beebs said...

where is the argument now? I gotta now- beebs coming in with the shallow gossip request- what can I say I work in gossip. =)

Beebs said...

I gotta "Know"

Arrrrrrrgh- I am such a typo-ist