Monday, April 10, 2006

Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

My faith in humanity was really tested this weekend, but then the story below happened and now I feel better about the world.

The cabbie who drove me home Saturday night was handed my wallet by another passenger later that night. He went through it to try and find a phone number or address. He wasn't going to find license has an outdated address on it. However, he did find my work ID and remembered that I told him what I did. He remembered where I lived because it's only a few minutes away from his home.

So he came by my building yesterday afternoon. He buzzed the super, who knew my story because I happened to mention it I was walking Ella. They buzzed my apartment over and over, but my intercom is broken and I couldn't identify who they were, so I didn't let them in. The cabbie left his number, however. Last night, I called him and made plans to meet him this morning near his house...which is a five minute bus ride from my house.

This morning, I call his house when I get off the bus to give him a heads up. His mother answers and says that he already left for school! I was shocked! We had made plans to meet up and he was gone. I wasn't at the exact meeting point, so his mother recommended that I go there and see if he was waiting.

With pessimism in my step, I do...and he was.

The reason he had left his house early? The guy he shares the cab with found my cell phone and called him. The cabbie knew it was mine because I kept asking him if he had found a phone. So he left even earlier to go pick up my phone in order to return my wallet and my cell phone at the same time. I tried to get his address to send him a reward but he wouldn't have it.

So, I have all my stuff back and have reactivated my phone. Remember this when a cabbie is talking your ear off. It doesn't expend any energy to engage him/her for a few minutes and you never know how that conversation will help you. I feel really good today, and it's not just because I got my stuff back. The world has opened up in a weird, but cool way.

Have a great week.


maura said...

Did you give him a good tip?

If ever I'm short, and unable to leave a good tip, the thought crosses my mind: "What if I forgot something in the taxi, would the driver intentionally make no effort to return my lost items?"

I've never left anything (yet!) -- but for some reason I'm always struck by this thought.

It sounds like your driver would have returned the items regardless of any tip whatsoever.

YAY for good people!

Single Ma said...

WOW - there are good people in the world. Sometimes with all the bad stuff going on, it's hard to "have faith in humanity." Glad you got your phone/wallet back!

Melissa said...

Woman, thank you for sharing with us. I really needed to read that right now. Perfect timing.

The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

Yay communication! Sounds like a great guy...

Kelly said...

Wow. That is a fabulous conclusion. Congratulations!

Beebs said...

Wow thats amazing Elbee! But I am not surprised- you are so good at chatting up strangers- I'm sure you helped catalize his already innate good intentions. But I find that people surprise you. Like during the subway strike- I met an equal ammount of extraordinarily kind and giving taxi drivers and some bad apples- overall though I have to say this story is extra restorative! Thanks

Di said...

What a great story. I do try to think people are mostly honest and hard working. It is good to hear something to back it up. :)