Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't Sleep on Avon

It's a very busy time for me at work, but I was tired of the idea that my last post was the most recent thing I've written. So here are random musings that I've had this week.

1. Avon can be cool. My mom is an avid Avon fan. She could make a killing selling it, but she just stockpiles random Avon products and uses them to stuff Christmas stockings and goody bags. I usually didn't put much stock in their stuff. However, I got a bad batch of acne that left its mark. I ask my mom for a spot treatment to help lighten the scars and she sent me an Avon product. I have to say, that stuff works. I dab a little bit on every day and the markings on my face have become considerably lighter.

2. Vacuum cleaners...who knew? I know it gross to say this but I just got a vacuum cleaner for my living room rug last weekend. I've had Ella for almost four months. Her hair was so prevalent that it was lightening the color of the rug. I thought it was hopeless until I ran my little Dirt Devil upright over the rug. The transformation was amazing! The rug went back to its brilliant color. When I dumped the canister (it's a bagless vac), the amount of hair and dirt the vac had collected was a wonder to behold. It also has an attachment to use on furniture. When I ran it over my couch, the color of my couch got lighter a little bit. Fascinating things those vacuum cleaners are.

3. Exercise changes everything. I've been starting and stopping running again. This week is the first week that I've kept up my every-other-day schedule consistently. And I must say, I feel better. Not just emotionally, but physically. I was feeling pretty gross about myself (I gained a pants size and everything was fitting wrong). I don't think I've lost the weight after only a week, but I do feel better in my skin.

4. Keeping things hush-hush is really nice. Keeping some plans to myself takes the pressure off. I know me and if I broadcast them, I would feel the need to show my progress. This way they stay precious and keep to their goal of fortifying my soul.

5. I think I've found a way to get rid of my major bills by the end of the year. This spring has taught me how lean I can live. I don't even have to live as hardcore as I have been...just a fraction of it...and I can use the income to knock out some bills that have plagued me. Wheuheu!

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