Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Can Understand

There is a great deal of talk about Iran. Nuclear plans, its disdain of the US, its support from China and Russia, the UN's reluctance to take action, the corner the American rhetoric is painting us in, all of it. Not only is American media talking about it, but world media is talking about it as well.

As I was listening to the BBC this morning, I found myself wanting to cover my ears and sing "lalalalalalalalala." I didn't want to hear it. All signs are pointing to another military action in the Middle East and that thought was so upsetting that I wanted to turn off the radio. Like that would make the prospect of hearing about another war go away.

As I was experiencing this, I could understand why the world thinks we're stupid. It's because so many Americans stick their heads in the sand. Sometimes doing that seems better than being reminded of the state of our Union.

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