Tuesday, May 30, 2006

He's Officially Pathetic

I just heard a story on NPR. Apparently, the Rev. Al Sharpton has so graciously volunteered to be an expert witness in the hate crime trial of Nicholas Minucci, the Howard Beach resident who is accused of beating a black man, Glenn Moore, and using the N-word.

What, you ask, could Big Al testify to? What is he an expert in? Why...the history of the N-word! Yes, he wrote a letter to the Queens DA saying that he will testify to the history of that word.

That's funny...I don't remember hearing that Sharpton was a scholar of African-American history or etymology. I do remember him being a serious camera ho' who will do anything for a photo op.

He is such a joke.


Beebs said...

He may be a joke but your self worth is not. If you feared that others would only see old estimations of your character instead of who you have become- then perhaps this old flame's new found reciprocity may have been the affirmation of a new public sentiment of L-Britt that you were searching for. I think we all need to stop using men as mirrors and trust that who we want to be is who we are! I may just be assuming a lot but somehow I am sure Drama king is not the object of your affections but the reflection of old ego bruises dying hard.

L. Britt said...

Beebs, are you confusing my posts? I didn't see Al Sharpton at my reunion and he was never my old flame.

You do make a good point about using men as mirrors, though.

Beebs said...

Oh I totally read the one beneath and then saw the last line of the top one before commenting. hmmmm- Maybe its cause I know "he" is a bit of a joke. HAHA- thats hilarious- see post below and then reread my comment.


Beebs said...

Oh as per AL- he is a joke- two words: Tawana Brawley.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh this morning when I didn't feel I was up to it! He is one egomaniac - but you have to give him some eensy bit of credit for his stand against Bush & the war at a time when most Democrats were (are?) spineless. ...smom