Monday, May 29, 2006

The More Things Change...

So I'm back from my Reunion. I had a great time, saw old friends, reconnected with those I lost touch with, laughed, drank, danced. It was more interesting than I'm describing, but I think I'm still processing.

Something did happen this weekend that sort of knocked the wind out of me. I met a man who I've crushed on since college. Much drama has occurred with him in that time, some of which I was privy to. Due to that drama, I thought I was "over" him. However, seeing him this weekend reminded me how much I still dig him. I know there is interest on his part, but I don't believe anymore than any guy I like can like me back. So I am trying to dissipate the power of my crush by saying it out loud, like I did with my reunion anxieties. If I say it out loud, maybe it will go away.

Let's hope it works.

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