Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ah Google...You Are So Wise!

Google's got this thing where you can make a personalized homepage. So when you type "," instead of it leading you to the plain white page, you get to a page that you created. There are a bunch of things you can put on it: games, news stories, comic strips, etc. You can also put a daily horoscope from on the page...which I have done.

I'm not usually a person who pays attention to signs. I know that I am very much my birth sign, but I have no idea what it means to be an Aries or a Pisces (Teehee! I originally spelled that word, "Pieces!"). Nor do I know what it means for me to interact with one. But...I have to say, it is uncanny how on the nose my horoscopes have been.

I was going to share my horoscope for today in detail and explain how it pertains to my life, but as I was typing, the advice sounded so generic out loud. Regardless, the advice is completely apropos to what I've been going through lately, so it felt good to read it...and kind of eerie.

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