Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Summer Resource

For some reason, I feel like this summer in New York is an important one...I want to make the most of it. Usually, I go to work, come home and watch TV. On the weekend, I wait to see if anyone wants to get together to party at night.

Not this time, gosh darn it! This city is choc' full of activities every single day of the summer. Things I can do with friends, things I can do by myself, things I can do with Ella. The only problem is, I will have to be very proactive. The events are not going to call me up with a personal invitation. I have to go out and get them. So that's what I'm going to try to do.

It's already started working. I went to the opening night of a cool gallery exhibit in the East Village featuring female graffiti artists, I have plans to go to the MoMA this week, and there are two emails in my inbox advertising cheap and/or free theatre tickets.

Another thing I've done is purchase The Summer Issue of New York magazine. This is truly a resource for summer in the City. It's got tons of ideas, places to go, things to see and food to eat on every budget level. It was surprised how much cheap and free things it offered. It's also better organized, easier to read and has more wit than Time Out New York. I'm carrying this issue around with me all summer. The 'zine has already told me about a different place to see the fireworks on July 4th.


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Vaslav said...

You are so so right - there is a world of things to do and interesting people to meet out there, when you are exploring things you are curious about. tv and parties are fun and needed when burnt out from work, but do not expand the social scene or the spirit.
there is so much inside of you still to blossom, ok stop me before I go off the deep end and Sergei has me put away