Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Different Kind of Kindred Spirit

There is the kind of kindred spirit you meet and with whom you connect instantly. A person who you spend 10 minutes with and feel like you've known all your life.

Then there's another kind of kindred spirit. A person who you don't know as well as your own shadow, but instead someone who compliments you in how they are different. Someone whom don't know instantly, but as you get to know them, the more you learn about yourself. You trust them because they have insight into your life in a new, yet respectful way.

I have a friend who's like that. Though I haven't known her very long, she inspires me in such a way where there is no envy, only support. I know there are so many stories left to tell each other, and there is no rush.

She just made my weekend. We had a great brunch, shared a great deal of TMI, and came up with hilarious and inappropriate nicknames. Good times...


Melissa said...

I'm totally crying right now, but you probably could have guessed that.

P.S. It's taken me 3 tries to post this comment so far because my eyes are too teary to read that crazy verification "word"! *giggle*

Vaslav said...

Ma chere,
this post lifted my spirits after the "hope is exhausting" one made me feel sad. Sartre called it Le Sale Espoir (Filthy, Rotten Hope) - but he certainly managed to have his share of love affairs...It's wonderful that you are open to new friendship with someone different from yourself, if you extend that openess to friendship with a male of the species (they are not all venal) something could devlop.Just remind yourself of how intelligent, gorgeous, funny,and essentially WORTHY OF LOVE you are!

L. Britt said...

Vaslav (great name, BTW!), thank for the reminder and for making me cry...just I did to Melissa. "Le Sale Espoir"...I totally love it! It is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm going to call you and get the pronounciation and then use it often, along with "O Draconian devils."