Monday, July 03, 2006

Lloyd Richards...Rest In Peace

Lloyd Richards--the acclaimed theatre director and a big part of what made August Wilson August Wilson--died last week on his 87th birthday. I found out Saturday night during the First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. The news hit me like a slap in the face.

I worked with him...I can't tell you how because that's blogsphere TMI. Interacting with him was so odd. He inspired this natural deference, like he held this aura that made you get stars in your eyes. But he was such a cute little man! With a warm smile that he gave to everyone. Though you could tell his energy level wasn't what it once was, his mind was still a sharp as a tack. When he had notes about a show, you had better listen.

I feel very sad that he is dead. Wilson and Richards created some of the most dynamic, compelling theatre in this country...ever. Of course, I haven't been alive for "ever," but I'm guessing that their collaborations are pretty up there on the list of Most Dynamic, Compelling Theatre Ever. Their deaths create a vacuum on the American stage. I feel lucky to have seen some of their plays and honored to have known the man.

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