Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Not Watching the Emmys

Actually I am watching it, but it's like I'm watching it with my hands over my eyes. It is embarrassing this year, painful even. It's boring and awkward and all the attempts of humor that I've seen have fallen flat. I keep trying to turn back to it, but when I do, I cringe...and put my hands over my eyes again.

For instance, I'm watching the Aaron Spelling memorial and it's just plain weird. Kate Jackson keeps looking around like she's never been on a stage before. "Wow...look at all the pretty lights!" Luckily Farrah Fawcett didn't trip up too much, but Jacklyn Smith sounds like she's making it up as she goes along.

It's like they are pumping mary jane through the air system. Everyone seems a bit wonky, you know? I think they got new writers this year and they SUCK!

I'm going to spend the rest of this evening watching a "Grey's Anatomy" repeat. Does anyone else think that the music videos...I mean the commercials...for the new season of "Grey's Anatomy" are soooo cool that you may not actually be able to wait for the season premiere Sept. 21st? Or is it just me?

P.S. I did turn back to the Emmys and just caught the "In Memoriam" section...I've always dug that section.


Kelly said...

I used to watch all of the award shows but now, I found myself bored and embarrassed. The attempts at humor almost always fail and someone always acts like an idiot.

I like the "In Memoriam" bit as well. It never fails that someone comes up as as recenly dead that I had thought was dead for awhile. I don't know if that says more about the dearly departed's career or about me...

The Rover (aka K Lance) said...

I went in and out of the program, but the Colbert/Stewart stuff was priceless. I heart them.