Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Most Realistic Scene in All of Moviedom

I just finished watching Easy, an indie film by Jane Weinstock. I rented it because it's listed on tuckergurl's Amazon Wish List, and though we don't always agree on films, I am always intrigued by her choices.

The film was pretty good. It was much better than Where the Truth Lies and better acted than Brick, two other films that I rented last night.

The most fascinating scene of the movie was when Jamie and Mick decide to be in a committed relationship. They are sitting on a couch. They just had sex for the first time that morning after courting each other for months. He says he wants a commitment, she says "let's try it" with a big smile...and it's done. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend. There was no candlelight or moon shining down on them. No violins swelled. AND it was an actual conversation, the way it often happens. It wasn't just assumed because they kissed or because they had sex. It was great!

Check out the flick. It's got a great cast and enough stuff happens that the plot moves forward and it does what indie films do so well, get inside the characters' heads.

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Quel said...

Easy is next on my list. Thanks!