Friday, August 11, 2006

My Thoughts on Advertising

Told you I would have more thoughts

  • I think it's interesting that in the light of the recent Times article about the stereotypical portrayal of the "big and sassy black woman," one of IKEA's ads for their new catalog features a stereotypicial, middle class, Wonder bread, white couple surrounded by white and beige, the room, their clothes, etc. As the woman views all the colorful rugs in the catalog, she asks her husband, "Are we too white?"
  • They are marketing Little Miss Sunshine all wrong. They are saying it's just an off-beat family flick. The truth is, it is much darker...and much FUNNIER than that. The final scene had me laughing so hard I was hardcore crying. That hasn't happened to me in a movie theater in years. This movie is really for single people who are afraid of starting a family!
  • I like the GEICO gecko, but lately he's getting a little too full of himself.
  • I have never seen an episode of TNT's "Saved," even though it airs directly following one of my favorite shows: "The Closer." The reason I haven't is because I feel like the ads try way too hard to get to you to watch.
  • Both the commercial announcing the new season of Nip/Tuck and the one introducing the new LG Chocolate phone use the same song: "Strict Machine" by Goldfrapp. That is a big mistake because Nip/Tuck's commercial is SO much cooler.
  • The HP Pavilion commercials that feature Jay-Z, Pharrell and that snowboard designer are kind of phat. They make the laptops mad sexy, you know? I feel all dumpy with my boring ole' Dell.
I'm sure there will be more. I've been watch way too much TV this summer.

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