Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Back!!!

So Dell is pretty amazing...when you have a warranty. I sent my computer to Dell on Monday and it's back in my loving arms by tonight.

I have so much I want to write about:
  • the sadness I feel about my friend hearing that her love is sick,
  • the sadness/pride/joy I feel about my other friend moving to Florida in one week to follow her dream,
  • the kooky, fun New York-style stuff I've done in the past week,
  • what it feels like to have a weight on your heart lifted,
  • the $100 I found after seeing the smelly phallic plant in Brooklyn,
  • my frustration as a maid of honor,
  • my birthday is in exactly one week,
  • all I'm thinking about, however, is the one-year anniversary of my breakdown, which is fast approaching,
  • I'm all over Idlewild. I thought it was a sign that it opened the day after my birthday, but I soon realized many a movie is opening that Friday,
  • I really like a guy that likes me as well...but not in that way.
But I just finished doing laundry for the past three hours in a very hot laundry room and I'm exhausted. I'm heading home this weekend...I'll post from there.

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