Monday, September 11, 2006

Check In

My weekend is over. Let's check in and see what I accomplished.
  • "Article to write": check.
  • "Some movies to watch": check.
  • "House to clean": ehhh. I washed my dishes, swept my floors and straightened up my clothes. I also did a little dusting and general straightening up.
  • "Hair to wash": check.
  • "Exercise regimen to re-jump start": nope. But I have been looking at my spare tire often enough that I'm so sick of it that I wake up early tomorrow.
  • "Laundry to do": check. I realized I didn't have enough to make a load, but I did wash my sheets and duvet.
  • "Life-changing project to start up": nope.
  • "Books to start reading": nope. But I did catch up on my TomKat & Suri Vanity Fair. It's actually pretty good.
I did go on my date Friday night. It was a lot of fun and he is a great kisser. Ella and I hung out together all weekend. I also made oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

Not too shabby. Off to bed!

1 comment:

Favorite Apron said...

Britt - thanks for stopping in at my blog. My chic wannabe self would love to visit NYC sometime.
How nice to see someone admit that they follow the TomKat story. I'm ( former intellectual newspaper reporter that I am . . . ) an avid reader of Pink Is the New Blog.