Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Heart Turner Classic Movies

I love this station so much. It makes having cable completely worth it. They play great old movies with NO commercials! More than anything else, it's this station that makes me want to get a flat screen TV. I just finished watching a great movie with Bette Davis and Glenn Ford called A Stolen Life. I never really dug Bette, except for when she was in All About Eve. But I totally dug her in this flick. She plays twin sisters and the way they shot her playing two characters was pretty impressive, especially for 1946.

Now I'm watching Gilda with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. (TCM is honoring Glenn Ford because he died a couple of weeks ago.) Oh my God, Rita is HOT in this film! I can't think of one modern actress that's as smokin' on screen as Rita is in this movie. I am so not a lesbian, but DAMN...I would convert for her! She and Glenn are amazing together. I can't take my eyes off them...good thing I know how to type without looking.


Kelly said...

I agree wholeheartedly about TCM. Once AMC started having commericals, they were out of the picture for me. There seems to be a real love of movies and movie history over at TCM and that's so refreshing.

And you are right about Rita Hayworth. Yowsa! As a lesbian, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about in terms of her appeal. She gets us all hot and bothered. ;)

L. Britt said...

Kelly, I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that about Rita. I thought...I wonder what Kelly, my blog resident lesbian, will say about Rita! :)

Kelly said...

"Blog Resident Lesbian", huh? I wonder how that would look on a business card...;)