Friday, September 29, 2006

Letting Off the Steam

Angela has agreed...after much begging and see A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with me tonight. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. However, the only way she would see it with me is if I kept my cool during the film. So in order to do so, I will now gush here about the hottest hottie I've seen in a long while: Channing Tatum.

He is SOOOOOO hot, I lose my shit every time I see him. I wanted to see another of his films, Step Up, because I'm a sucker for dance movies...see my love for Dirty Dancing...but I was blown away by the hotness that was Channing. That movie was horrible, but he was by far the best thing in it, aesthetically and talent-wise. Even his big ears are hot to me. His body is ri-DIC-ulous, he can move and he can kiss...all things he did in abundance in the movie. When I saw the preview for A Guide... during The Science of Sleep, I started hyperventilating a little bit.

Does that ever happen to you? There is a person on-screen who is so attractive that it becomes painful to watch? I've had that experience two times that I can remember: seeing Oded Fehr in The Mummy II and seeing Takeshi Kaneshiro in House of Flying Daggers. You have to look away because just the sight of the person gets you hot and bothered.

This film is going to be good; I'm pretty confident that the story, the characters and the performances are all really strong. However, I'm thrilled for the opportunity to see Channing in a real movie
, to see if my lust for him can turn into love of his acting ability. I'm sure I'll see him all beat up and evil; I think I will lust for him more because of it.

But I will just have to squeeze the armrest for support. Angela will not see me sweat!

The movie was uneven. Angela and I both agreed that it was definitely a first film...a very good first film, but a first film nonetheless. The director's strength lie in his ability to pull performances out of young actors. The heart and soul of the movie are in the young ensemble. Dito is fortunate because he got such a talented cast; anyone less apt and the movie would have been unwatchable.

My Channing is a good actor. So not only did he look AMAZING...and even that word in all caps doesn't do his hotness justice...but he created a compelling, nuanced character effortlessly. He is just so natural....naturally SEXY!!!

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